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Silcor® 560

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A high performance, low odour, one-part, fast-curing, high solids, pure polyurethane elastomer waterproof membrane. It is specially formulated for easy roller application of all permanently flexible, tough, high build, long-life waterproof barriers.


  • Easy, fast, high build, one-coat application with brush or roller is possible.
  • Simple, seamless, fast-cure membrane.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, suitable for acid sulphate soils.
  • Waterproof — resists ponded water.
  • Permanently flexible — total adhesion.
  • Root penetration resistance – DIN4062 compliance.
  • Systems for Total Project Specification.

Silcor® 560 is a pure polyurethane elastomer. It does not contain bitumen or tar and will not bleed or stain. It is engineered to allow high build application without multi-layering and/or reinforcing mat. Design a Total Waterproofing Envelope package with waterproofing systems from GCP Applied Technologies.


  • Wet Areas — bathrooms, shower trays, laundries, toilets, spas.
  • External (non-exposed) — balconies, roof-decks, sill or window flashings, podiums, planters.
  • External (exposed) – non trafficable areas, e.g. wall, planters.
  • Tanking — retaining walls, landscaped areas, ponds, water features, non-potable water storage.
  • It can be applied to most stable surfaces — block, brick, concrete, render, timber, CFC, GRC, ALC, etc.
  • Vertical and horizontal application.


Surfaces must be sound, smooth and free from dust, laitance, loose matter, oil or other contaminants.

Concrete Finish – light steel trowel finish to provide low porosity, well densified surface without burnishing. Ensures minimal preparation work with high primer penetration and minimal outgassing from concrete pores.

Concrete should be cured 28 days and rendered 7 days. Concrete curing agent & form release used should be compatible with GCP products.

Use Silcor LM PU sealant to fill joints, cracks, gaps and form angle fillets to internal corners or penetrations.