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Davco K10 PU Plus


Davco K10 Polyurethane Plus is a flexible single-pack water-based polyurethane waterproofing and sealing membrane.
Davco K10 Polyurethane Plus is a fast drying waterproofing membrane with excellent chemical resistance properties.


  • Ideal for waterproofing of facades, terraces, balconies and wet areas.
  • Ideal for waterproofing of concrete roofs including walkways and planter boxes.
  • For internal and external use.


  • Davco K10 Polyurethane Plus forms a tough flexible membrane film which eliminates the need for a reinforcing layer. Reinforcement mesh is only needed over movement joints.
  • Once cured, can be tiled over using Davco’s cement based or two part adhesive.
  • Does not stain tiles or marble.
  • Does not require protective screed.
  • Can be applied on damp visibly dry surfaces without the fear of blistering.
  • Environmentally friendly product, does not give off fumes or gases which will affect health.
  • Because of it’s non-odour formulation, Davco K10 Polyurethane Plus is suitable for use in confined areas.
  • Suitable for external areas of waterproofing, on walls and on floors subjected to ultra-violet radiation.