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Sealbond ETL-100


SEALBOND EPOXY TANK LINING (ETL-100) is a two component epoxy compound formulated from high grade epoxy resins and modified polyamide curing agents especially for storage tanks. It is lead-free, foodgrade and non-toxic when fully cured. It hardens to an abrasive resistance coating with excellent adhesive strength on properly prepared substrates such as concrete and steel. SEALBOND ETL-100 is water impermeable and has excellent resistance to oil, solvents, alkalis and most dilute acids. Sealbond Epoxy Tank Lining (ETL-100) has passed SS 3075. Our epoxy tank lining is approved for all water potable applications.

Application Areas

SEALBOND ETL-100 is designed for coating the interior and exterior surfaces of concrete, steel and wooden tanks such as those used for storing potable water, chemicals (except high concentration acids), grains, powders and other liquids. It may be applied as a solid coating or may be reinforced with fiberglass as in the case of concrete structures that are not integrally waterproofed. SEALBOND ETL-100 is also used as grouting material to seal off gaps where ceramic tiles are used to line storage tanks.


  • Low Odour
  • Low Voc
  • Heavy Duty High Performance Coating
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance (solvents, alkalis, acids & hydro chemicals)
  • Solvent Free System
  • Food Grade
  • Specifically formulated for potable water applications(Laboratary tested by Sentrotek & BFAD)