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Nitocote CM210


Nitocote CM210 is a flexible cementitious coating, used for waterproofing water retaining structures and water excluding structures.

Main uses

It is a two-component polymer modified cementitious coating is supplied in a pre-packaged form. The product has been designed to be easily mixed on-site using a slow speed drill and paddle and then applied to the substrate using a brush, roller, trowel or by spray application. Nitocote CM210, available in grey and white, cures to form a flexible impermeable membrane.


  • Approved for use in public water supply
  • Withstands high positive and negative hydrostatic pressures
  • Excellent bond to concrete and masonry
  • Long working life
  • Easy application by brush, roller, trowel or spray
  • Bonds to green or damp concrete
  • Effective barrier to sulphates and chlorides