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Betec M-5

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Product Description
Betec® M-5 is a special blend of cement, quartz sand and active chemicals in powder form for the
protection of concrete against water penetration. Betec M-5 provides in-depth waterproofing and
permanent protection against water penetration by pressure of osmosis and reacts with moisture
and free lime in the concrete, forming crystals which seal the capillaries and pores for waterproofing /
damp-proofing of new and existing structures.
Betec M-5 can be applied by one of the following methods:
1. Slurry application by brush or spray for in-depth crystallisation of concrete post treatment.
2. Dry powder sprinkling onto lean concrete before laying the slab or on freshly placed concrete surface.
3. Integrated as a concrete additive at the time of batching, allowing catalytic crystalline growth within
the concrete making it waterproof.

• Floor, basement wall and slab
• Swimming pool, water feature

• Bathroom, balcony, wet area and planter
• Water-retaining structure
• Parking deck